Sunday, 22 September 2013

Thisel and Bean

Well, I have been quiet in the crafty sense this week, but I have been very busy with other work and family.  Hardly had time to stop and think this week.  My eldest is at full swing at school now, and we are getting homework for her as well now. 

So my daughter comes home tired and full of explosive energy from school and we need to get her to sit down and concentrate on spelling, reading and maths.  I am sure in the long run it will benefit her, however at the moment it is very difficult to try and explain this to a 5 year old who's idea of 'long-term planning' goes no further than weekend.

Anyway, I managed to get three children's cards done for various birthday parties that are coming up over the next couple of weeks, as well as new baby card for a friend (hopefully I should be able to show you this next week).  I have also been working on family birthday cards that are coming up over the next few months as I want to concentrate again on Christmas cards.  I did some Christmas cards over the summer, however I found it a bit hard to complete these while the sun was shining so well.

I wanted to also introduce you to Blogspot of an old work colleague who produces gorgeous products for babies and children.  They look really pretty and it is such a nice touch to give something handmade.  These are items that will be treasured.  Please check out at

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Katie said...

Thank you Fiona! I had no idea you had put in a link to my blog. Nice to find you in the blogging world. Theres a link party that i think you'd probably love (if you havnt found it already). It would be a good place to show off your cards and see what others are doing its here: I try to join in with their handmade one on a monday. x