Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Projects on my Desk

I'm not sure about any other crafty or hobbyist person, however I seem to have an awful lot of projects scattered around my craft room (aka the spare bedroom) that are never completed - or even started in same cases!  I think its a crafty thing, we are attracted to all that glitters and flit too and fro but never stay long enough to see things through.

Well, this time I did.  Several months ago I got the Craftwork Cards Wreath Making kit, which was the members gift from Create and Craft.  There were two circle wreaths and one heart wreath and enough flowers to decorate them.  The idea was to make them into door hangings for my three daughters.  With number three on the way I couldn't sit down long enough to even contemplate starting it at the time.

But inspiration struck me soon after Christmas and I sat down and made the wreaths up.  Part of my problem was that I enjoyed making the first 2 pages of flowers, but got a bit impatient with the last two pages.  This is something I have noticed as I have gotten older, that I don't have the attention span! Maybe that's having three children, job and house to manage - I respond briefly to the item (or person) that shouts the loudest.

Anyway, for some of the flowers I added Hunkydory diamond sparkles glitter, some I left plain and just used the gold and silver candi supplied and some I heat embossed. It should have been clear embossing powder, however Sophie (3yr old) had 'played' with my stash and mixed all my embossing powders up.  So, it was a mixture of clear, sparkly and silver embossing powders.  I may need to invest in some new powders (but will this go against my New Year's resolution not to buy any new crafting stuff apart from essentials???).

I attached the flowers and the ribbons that were supplied with the kit.  I then used my Silhouette Portrait to cut their names out of Create and Craft glitter card stock and black card (from Crafters Companion - very good).  I used the black card as a shadow under the glitter card, and to add some strength as the lettering was fairly fine.  I then attached the names across the center of the wreaths to personalise each one.

I was quite impressed with how they have turned out, and the girls love them on their doors. I was also pleased to have a number of flowers left over that I can use on other projects and cards (in fact I already have).

My next project is to complete the baby book for Isabel - which I am very daunted with.  For my other two girls we just got a shop bought one which you add the information into, this time I got Snap Studio Simple Stories Album and inserts, and not sure where to start....

but that is for another blog.