Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Welcome to my blog... this is all very new to me so I hope I don't bore you.

I am Fiona, a happily married mother to two girls.  My eldest is in year 1 and my youngest is 2 and already doesn't want an afternoon sleep.  So if the blogs suddenly stop half way through it's probably because she has decided to empty the fridge or attack me with a hair brush. 

But what is Fi's Cards and Papercraft...well since I have been at home looking after the girls I have started dabbling in card making and thought I would put these new found skills to good use and sell them.  So this blog will chronicle my journey and try and sell a few (well all hopefully) of my creations.

The first card I will post isn't one you can actually buy - see I'm good at this sales thingymagig.  This was a card I created for my daughter's friend who had missed her 5th birthday party as she was poorly.  I sent a picture to Cardmaking and Papercraft Magazine who featured the card in their October issue (issue 122) as their star card.  I was very proud. Even my husband smiled. So here it is!

I hope you like the card and more will follow.

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