Sporting Widows Summer Special

Are you looking at a summer of swearing, shouting, beer drinking and general exasperation as various members of your family try to cajule an England/UK team or players through the various summer competitions? I have been there, my family on all sides are life long couch spectators, particularly for the major competitions.  Therefore I thought I would share my Summer of being ignored with every other sporting widow.  

Host a crafty party with your friends and family and I will provide a FREE bottle of Prosecco and a 10% discount on all qualifying orders* - rising to 15% if your party is held on the day an England/UK team or player are competing and WIN.

The party can be held at your home, at mine or via a Facebook Party, I'll provide all the materials and the bottle of Prosecco, you provide the company and the nibbles - book now by emailing to avoid any sport whatsoever!

World Cup
June 14 - July 14

July 2nd -15th

British Formula 1
July 6 - 8th

Tour de France
July 7 - 29th

England v India 5 test series
1st August - Sept 11th 

Ryder Cup
Sept 28th-30th.

* Min number of 4 people.  Party lasts for 1hr 30mins and will consist of one project and a game/prize.  Min £25 for a qualifying order to receive the 10 or 15% discount.