2018 Monthly

My family is growing and changing so quickly,  I wanted to capture those changes over a year and see how we all grow.  I have wanted to develop and create the time to record our memories more consistently, and I hope this will help me do so.  I am going to dedicate Monday evenings to do this and I will, for the most part, be using materials for Stampin' Up, specifically the Memories and More range.

So the idea is that I choose a 6 to 8 picture that sums up that month or represents how we feel.  It could be anything really, about my family, work, home or life in general.

June 2018

June started with Half Term for the girls, we stayed local and went to a few parks, but kept it simple.  June was also Ian's birthday and Fathers' Day (poor love, his birthday is practically the same weekend every year!).  We also celebrate a the 3rd birthday of a friends daughter, Sophie and Izzy really enjoyed the party.

Emma performed at the Hexagon with other schools from Bracknell Forest.  Emma danced while other pupils sang, it was a very good show.

Later in the month Ian and I enjoyed a night out in London while my Dad and Jo babysat.  We saw Ocean's 9 and had a lovely meal out.  We stayed at the Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotel in Bloomsbury.  We had a lovely time.

It was also the launch of the new Stampin' Up Annual Catalogue, and I love the new Memories and More Cards that I have used for this month.  Beautiful.

May 2018

Okay, I apologise it has taken me a while to update this page and there are no excuses for it.  It took me to the end of July to get everything updated.

May was busy it was Sophie's 7th Birthday and she went bowling with her friends for her birthday treat, she got lots of lovely items from everyone and was truly happy with everything.  I can't show too many photos from her day as there are other children on all the photos!

Apart from that May was quiet, gently getting on with the month and the school term.  Sophie had her KS2 Stats and we lost one of our cats, Lily, we are still considering whether we will get a friend for Tammy, but we were very sad to lose her as she was only 3yrs old.  In the picture she is the black and white cat.

April 2018

I can't believe it is April already, nor can the weather I think.  I definitely cannot make its mind up whether to be warm or cold.  

Nor can I believe that we celebrated my Niece's 16th  Birthday on the 1st.  She was the first grandchild in our family and she was born pre-maturely, however she fought hard and has grown into a wonderful, kind, intelligent and funny young girl.  We had a good day with Grandad and then a second good day with Granny, I think she got utterly spoilt.

We then launched straight into the Easter Holidays, which were a bit quiet with the weather all over the place, however we did get to see Peter Rabbit at Ian's work place.  It was Izzy's first experience of the cinema and I think she loved it!  Although, we did end up going to visit the toilets every 20 mins (we three daughters, we see a lot of toilets!).

Annette and I attended Onstage Local in Telford in April. Onstage is Stampin' Up's bi-annual gathering for Stampin' Up Demonstrators.  We get to see the new catalogue, play with new stuff and do a lot of talking, catching up and giggling with new friends and old.

You can see the actual Memories and More pages on my blog (14/05/18) as I am using a kit that will be retiring shortly.  

March 2018

I am a bit late getting March's pages done, however I was a bit busy in April.  March itself was quiet, the Easter Holidays started when March ended.

Mum and her fiend Diane came around for Mother's day and we had a lovely meal at South Hill Park, and the girls managed to behave themselves for it!

Yr6 pupils at Emma's and Sophie's school always organise a terms worth of fundraising activities in the Spring term.  This year they were raising funds for a school in Sierre Leone.  The last event was crazy hair day, Emma didn't seem too impressed by my efforts with her hair.

Finally, Kate Dalton posted a picture of St Michael's Church in the snow on a local facebook page, she very kindly let me use it in my scrapbook page.

Here are my pages for the my album, I am using one of the new Memories and More card Kits from Stampin' Up that will be released in June.  I love the fresh colours in this pack, just right for this time of year.

February 2018

I think we will all remember the end of February and the beginning of March for the Beast from the East and Storm Emma, together they brought snow and chaos to most of the UK.  

We also had half term, we didn't do much but a little shopping and a lot of playing.  The girls do manage to play nicely together, for about 10 minutes a day and then spend the next few hours arguing.  However we  all survived and came out smiling.  Mum came around for the last few days and had fun playing with the girls.

Crocuses under the trees on the path to school in South Hill Park.
At the beginning of February it did look like Spring was on its way with the pushing up of Spring flowers, such as snowdrops, crocuses and Daffodils.  I just hope they survive after the Clash of Storms!

Emma enjoying milk at Coffee Barker on Pancake day.
 I thought I would be a really nice Mummy and spoil the girls to pancakes at Coffee Barker on Shrove Tuesday, however they only ate a little of the pancake stack.  I think the chocolate was too rich - however I loved it!

A new Cinderella dress for Izzy.
 We mainly went shopping for Emma as she grows so quickly and needs a new set of clothes at least twice a year, however I can't neglect the other two, every body got something.

Mum, Izzy and Sophie

Emma, Mum and Izzy
 Obviously, Emma wouldn't have aher photo taken when we wanted her too, so Mum sat twice for photos.

Run away Izzy
 Grrrr, Izzy decided to lead me on a wild goose chase around South Hill Park, both her and Sophie are little runners and can out run their Mum when they want too.  I think I may need to get the strawberry rucksack and reins out again.

Catching snowflakes on the tongues!

Emma enjoying the snow in the back garden

Here is the start of Storm Emma, more of the fun in the snow in next months pictures.

January 2018

Love this photo of our normal weekends, lots of noise, lots of homework and lots of energy.

This month was wet and windy! Luckily we didn't have any damage or lose any fences (we replaced our fence last year as we were not sure if they would last another winter).  The girls went back to school and we got back into routine, specifically getting Izzy back into the potty training routine.  She wore a lot of nappies over the Christmas period due to the amount of travelling and staying in other peoples homes,  however I think we are doing well now.

After buying this for her third birthday in October, she finally wanted to wear the Bunny onsie, albeit for 10 minutes.
Izzy has started her 15 hours (although she is doing 18hrs) at pre-school, so hopefully I should be able to concentrate on my business a bit more.  I hope to do some Card and Coffee sessions, so I guess I better do some research!.  She loves Pre-school and seems to bring most of the sandpit home with her in her shoes, forever hoovering it all up.

Kiss a Ginger day, Jan 12th
Emma has settled back into school well and has started a Mindfulness Course based in Sunninghill by Ohm Yoga.  I hope this helps her before she starts Yr 6 and the Stats.

Sophie with Arna from Mr Hughes-White

Sophie took home Arna two or three times this month for good work in class, she loves that kind of attention from the School.  She has been enjoying Rainbows and the after-school Dance club.  She is growing up so fast and getting more and more argumentative - just like her sister.

Here are the pages I created using the Perfect Days Memories and  More pack.

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